What is Maskne and how do you make your skin smile again?

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How you feeling today? It’s the question we’re asking each other more than ever during these unprecedented times, but what we’re also doing is turning a blind eye to a new type of skin issue. I know it’s the last thing you want to hear right now, but there is one more thing you have to think about…

Maskne is when the oil, moisture and bacteria that would normally drift away are
trapped by your mask and build up on your skin. It causes little white humps and bumps on your skin that you may not notice at first, but before long they’ll be changing the way you look and feel about yourself. Not good news, I know…

The good news is there are a few different ways you can make your skin smile again: three of them in fact. You need a cream that soothes your skin right throughout the day, a mask that cleans to perfection. 

Vitamin E is what your skin is missing when it doesn’t get the chance it deserves to breathe. 

So, why am I telling you all this? Because it just goes to show that when you have the right approach to looking after your skin, it’ll have everything it needs to look after you too. 

We created the Maskne Care Combo, and it’s a good start on setting things right.

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