Summer Skin-Care Tips to Help You Maintain a Healthy-Looking Complexion

Summer Skin-Care Tips to Help You Maintain a Healthy-Looking Complexion

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Summertime.  It brings longer days, school breaks, vacations, music festivals, pool time, little league, family reunions, and BBQ’s.  Phew!  These months are anything but shy of rolling into one big fiesta! But, as with any party, we must plan accordingly.

The one thing all of these activities have in common is fun in the sun!  And while we all deserve to cut loose and enjoy our summer plans, we need to make sure we take care of our skin the best we can when enjoying the outdoors. 

Spending more time outside can mean different things for different skin types.  We have to be mindful of how increased exposure to the sun affects our skin.  Some of us tan, while others with fair skin can burn easily.  Prolonged hours outdoors can cause sun damage that leads to fine lines and wrinkles.  It can also make our skin feel dehydrated, dry and flaky.

Not to worry!  Our skincare tips will help you stay on track and have you glowing in no time!

Protection & Hydration – Basic Skin Care Tips For Every Skin Type

First, let’s talk protection.  Sunscreen is a must.  On our face, and on our body, whether we are headed to the beach, or to run errands, protecting our skin from harmful UV rays is an essential part of what will help us care for our skin, especially during summer months.

Next is hydration.  Drinking plenty of water is essential all year round, but even more so during the summer.  Our skin needs moisture, from the inside and the outside.  Water helps replenish skin tissue and increase its elasticity. So, drink plenty of water throughout the day to help enhance your complexion. 

Now that we’ve covered the basic building blocks to getting that summer glow, let’s address some specifics.

Add Some Vitamin A and E To Your Skin, Before Heading Out For Some Vitamin D!

A natural glow comes from healthy-looking skin.  What better way to achieve that than by “taking our vitamins”?  Spending some time in the sun naturally gives us a much-needed dose of Vitamin D, which our body needs to help us maintain healthy bones.  But other vitamins can also help improve the look and feel of our skin, and our quest to maintain a healthy-looking complexion.  

Nourish and Restore: If your skin is become dry and flaky as temperatures rise, a boost of Vitamin E is what you need.  Our Vitamin E Cream with Chamomile helps to nourish and restore your skin if it becomes dry or rough during the summer months. It’s also rich in anti-oxidants, which will help quench your skin’s thirst, and leave it looking brighter and feeling vibrant. 

Revive, Refresh, and Renew:  Noticing fine lines or wrinkles starting to develop from spending time in the sun? Our Rejuvenating Cream can help take care of that!  Made with Vitamin A, which helps boost collagen and elastin in the skin, and Aloe, it will help restore the look of supple skin while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, revitalizing your skin and make it silkier-feeling. 

A Youthful Glow Also Comes from Within

Spending time having fun in the sun, taking a break from our usual routines, and following Concha Nacar de Perlop’s simple skincare tips are all things that can help us look and feel our best.  Because when you’re happy and healthy, it shows. 

So, enjoy the outdoors this summer, remember these tips, and show off your natural glow!


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