Prepping Your Skin for Fall Before The Holiday Season

Prepping Your Skin for Fall Before The Holiday Season

With the falling leaves marking autumn’s arrival, it’s time to start layering, pulling out our cutest scarfs and sweaters to greet the cooler temperatures and shorter days. 

Fall brings with it beautiful colors as nature transitions our surroundings once again—but going from green to gold also means less humidity and a drier climate for our environment and for our skin. 

As leaves turn from green, to brown, to gold, our skin also follows suit.   In the blink of an eye it begins to react to dropping temperatures, and starts to get drier.  We begin to lose moisture and elasticity, with dryness setting up shop in its place instead.  For some of us, it can mean developing dry patches, and honestly, who doesn’t want to look their best as the holidays creep up on us? 

Listen up, Chicas!  Because we have a few tips to help keep your skin in tip top shape, looking its best and ready for all the upcoming holiday fun!

Moisturizing Is The Key To Keeping Your Skin Looking Its Best

The products that worked for us during the Spring/Summer don’t necessarily work for us during the Fall. 

 As the weather conditions change and it gets colder out, we need to use products on our skin that moisturize it more profoundly, and stop using products that may dry it out further.

Switching up your moisturizer during the fall will help transition your skin and keep it happy and ready for what winter holds in store. Using products that help moisturize your skin at every turn are essential to looking your best.

Use Moisturizing Products At Every Step of Your Skin Care Routine

Here are three simple steps you can adopt to help prevent dryness:

Use A Heavier Moisturizer: A thicker moisturizer will help to prevent and eliminate dryness, and is just what we need.  Our Day Cream has got you covered!  This super-rich formula—a little goes a long way—will help shield your skin from harsh elements while hydrating your skin throughout the day.  It also prevents your skin from absorbing makeup pigments, make it the perfect makeup base.  That’s a win-win in our book! 

Use A Moisturizing Face Cleanser:  When cleansing at the end of the day, use a product that also moisturizes your skin.  Our Cleansing Cream can be used daily, and it may be exactly what you’re looking for.  It has combination of ingredients that help open your pores and gently, but effectively removing dirt, oil, makeup and any other impurities, all while moisturizing your skin.  It adds a nice element of moisture prior to applying your night cream. 

Night Creams Are Essential: Using a thicker, richer night cream overnight will do a lot of heavy lifting in the moisturizing department.  Our natural Nourishing Night Cream, will help you get the results you need with it’s incredible roster of high quality ingredients that will help make your skin feel firmer and more supple in the morning.  And like all of our products, it contains genuine oyster shell powder, which means that your skin will also have a healthy glow.

Extra Moisturized Skin This Fall Will Have You Winter Ready!

And being prepared is the name of the game!  Use Concha Nacar de Perlop products as a way to keep your skin super moisturized this fall and looking it’s best.  Making these simple adjustments in anticipation of drier weather conditions, will go a long way to keep your skin glowing and looking it’s best in time for the holidays!


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