Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Happy Hispanic Heritage month to our extended familia!  We are proud to celebrate our raíces and honored to be a part of the Hispanic community.

As a Hispanic-owned brand, our shared history and heritage has a profound meaning for us, and although times seem more challenging than ever and to be changing at a rapid pace, we take comfort in the constant that is our shared cultural pride and what that means for all of us: keeping each other close, and seeing the beauty in sharing our lives and stories, so we can continue to uplift, celebrate, and learn from each other.

Genuine Cross-Generational Connections

Recently, unprecedented events have re-shaped our lives.  As a comunidad, we have responded the best way we know how—by getting even closer.  We are spending more time together, becoming stronger as a result.  As our familias stick together, often literally living under one roof, cross-generational exchange is growing significantly. 

Children, youth, middle-age, and our abuelitos are all sharing space.  They’re learning more from one another in recent times because of that close proximity.  For the entire Hispanic community, especially the new generation, this has been a gift; a silver lining in a world that has been tough on our community. 

This connectivity enriches our cultural perspective and experience as we learn first-hand about each other’s lives across generations, deepening our raíces, and preserving our cultural traditions.

 This helps us move into the future with a new perspective.  The young honoring our elders, and our viejitos learning from the jóvenes.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Building Together: An Aspirational Way of Life

Learning from each other, while preserving our cultura allows us to grow together as a comunidad and makes us stronger because no matter what the world has in store for us, we have each other.   

 It is an aspirational way of living, and we should feel honored by that.  It’s who we are, who we’ve always been, and who—with so much pride—we will continue to be.

Concha Nacar Embraces Its Own Heritage

 As a brand whose products have been passed down as beauty secrets from generation to generation, we have our own special connection to you, our extended familia.  We are honored to be a part of your familia and hope to continue to be for generations to come.  Our commitment to serving the Hispanic community is our heritage.  It’s what Concha Nacar means to us and why we continue to offer accessible skincare solutions made with clean ingredients, always keeping you in mind.

The Beauty of Our Shared Experience

The beauty of our shared experience gives us orgullo, fuerza y unidad. These are important pillars of our Hispanic heritage that we deeply value. Nuestro orgullo is you.  ¡Adelante, familia!  





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